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There are many factors that contribute to soil's vitality – from proper moisture to adequate nutrient levels. A healthy growing environment is rich with humus (decayed plants), which we commonly refer to as subsoil and topsoil.

Why do some soils thrive and others fail? Many times, the problem at hand is a lack of topsoil. Fortunately, there are effective ways to restore topsoil and reduce compaction to create the healthy growing environment needed for a lush, beautiful lawn.

Organic Topdressing

In the past, synthetic, manufactured fertilizers were the industry standard. Today, there's an increased focus on improving soil environments with organic matters to create a more sustainable and a environmentally friendly solution.

Organic topdressing with over-seeding is an important part of improving a soil environment. It cleanses the air of pollutants and carbon, cools summer temperatures, captures rainfall and nutrients and continues the process of building the soil and supporting the soil ecosystem. A healthy 50 x 50 foot turf area products enough oxygen to support a family of four. Healthy turf also prevents soil erosion.

Core Aeration

The penetration of air, moisture and roots is essential. Non-compacted soil will capture rainfall more efficiently, reduce runoff and allow plant roots to grow deeper, resulting in a much more drought-tolerant lawn. Air exchange is critical not only for plant roots, but also for all of the microbes that are essential for healthy soil.

Core aeration is an effective technique for removing "cores" of soil to help relieve compaction. Recommended every other year or more frequently as needed, core aeration poses zero risk to the environment and, paired with topdressing and overseeding, can create a healthy growing environment for a lush, beautiful lawn.

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