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Lawn Care

Enjoy lush, healthy grass all season long with lawn care services from Heritage Lawn & Landscape Care in York, PA. We handle it all for you – from weed control to aeration – so you can spend your weekends enjoying your lawn, not toiling in it!

With Heritage, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Our professional team knows their stuff and delivers world-class results right here in York, PA. Whatever your lawn challenge – crabgrass, acidity, insects – we've got the solution:

  • Lawn CareFertilization (granular and liquid)
  • Weed Control
  • Crabgrass Control
  • Insect/Grub Control
  • Disease Management
  • Liming
  • Vegetation Control
  • Core Aeration
  • Seeding (mechanical and broadcast)
  • Soil Testing
  • Topdressing
  • Cleaner, Greener Treatments (better for the environment)
  • Fully Organic Treatments

Get outstanding results and save with our Total Lawn Care Program. From early spring to late fall, the pro's from Heritage will provide regularly-scheduled applications that grow lush grass, control weeds and reduce insect damage.

Heritage is an environmentally responsible company. Learn more about our Cleaner, Greener Program and our Fully Organic Program.