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Organic Based Lawn Care in York, PA

Make your world – and property – a little cleaner and greener with Heritage Lawn & Landscape Care's organic-based lawn care. You'll enjoy lush grass with fewer weeds along with the pride of knowing you're doing what's right for the environment.

Cleaner, Greener Organic-Based Lawn Care

Organic Based Lawn Care in York, PA

Our organic-based lawn care program delivers the quality results you expect while relying less on synthetic fertilizers. From early spring to late fall, we provide five applications utilizing a mix of organic-based fertilizers and microbial organisms to help release beneficial nutrients to your lawn.

We also recommend core aeration and top-dressing for cleaner, greener lawns. Core aeration helps improve the health, density and depth of grass roots by removing soil plugs and poses zero risk to the environment. Topdressing, rich in organic material, can be spread in conjuction with seeding services to maximize your results.

Fully Organic Lawn Care

Heritage offers a fully Organic-Based Total Lawn Care Program using only all-natural, organic materials to fertilize your lawn. Call us for more details on this program.

Let the organic lawn care specialists at Heritage put our earth-friendly knowledge and experience to work for you for a cleaner, greener lawn you can be proud of.